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Diving & Lodging
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Captain's Lodge is located in the downtown area of Garapan, and one minute on foot from the Fiesta Resort Hotel .

4 rooms abailable

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Shower, toilet, two beds, table, cabinet, dresser, cableTV ,refrigerator, kettlepot, etc

Captain's lodge is room rental system, there is no bed make-up and room cleaning.

room rate
1 room   1night   1 Person   $39
1 room   1night   2 Persons   $50
1 room   1night   3 Persons   $61
Tax Include

When you participate in the diving, these rate will be applied. If you did not participate in the diving that 1person 1night $5 will be charged.

Amenities = shampoo, conditioner, bodysoap, bath towel, face towel
It prohibits the carrying out of the towel

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All rooms are non smoking
There is a smoking area on the terrace, please use that !

1 When you going out, please turn off the electric lights and the air conditioner.
2 Outdoor lights goes out at 11:00pm.
3 Saipan is short of water, please save water
4 Non-guests can not enter to the Lodge.

For theft prevention and low price,
please understand the above-mentioned contents

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